Full Disclosure

There are things you should know about me.  My normal approach to a new project is “Awesome, I’ve got this totally great idea that has no thought or research to back it but I swear it will be totally bitchin when it’s done, so let me just try it right now. Seriously. Right. Now.” So as you can imagine my success rate is not always something to brag about.  Moxie, though, I’ve got plenty of moxie.  (Holy shit, is it too late to change her name to Moxie?!?) Anyway, this can not be my approach to this trailer, this will take research and planning and very detail oriented focus. First world problem I know but let’s just appreciate for a second that it has just dawned on me that not only do I have to learn a new skill every time I want to work on the trailer but I also have to learn how to be thoughtful. I’m not alone in this though . . . I’ve got a solid team of brilliant and kind and oh so very generous of their time friends and family ready to help (you know who you are) .  I hope, otherwise I am so effed.


Tearing It Up

I decided to just get as much shit, I mean pieces of beautiful history, out of the trailer as I could.  I wanted to see exactly what we were dealing with and prioritize projects.  I pulled up the carpet, took down all the blinds, the mural wall paper (look at that!  I did manage to let you go) the backsplash (installed just well enough to be a pain in the ass to remove but not well enough to look good), all the terrible stickers and the bathroom floor.  This is where it gets fun. So the downside is there is still a leak, but the awesome part is this means we have to make the exterior a priority and THAT means PAINTING! I’m  not actually remotely close to painting but I’m a year closer than I thought I would be so hells yes to water damage!

20150516_155512 20150516_155515 20150516_155520 20150516_155522

I guess this is progress? All I know is I look sexy as hell.

Glamour Shot
Glamour shot. You’re welcome.


It’s like me and the Fireball are dating and this is our getting to know you phase.  All of those “quirks” are just SO adorable right now.  I actually told Phil today that I found some water damage, but it’s cool because it’s the “fun kind of water damage.”  Someone is going to have to break it to poor Molly though, this is going to be one of those really unhealthy relationships where I tell her I love her and then get to work changing EVERYTHING about her.  Don’t feel to bad for Molly though, she’s got all kinds of fun bombs to drop on me.

How will I ever say goodbye to you weird mural?
How will I ever say goodbye to you weird mural?
That's right, there's TWO
That’s right, there’s TWO
Where to start…..
Seriously, why would anyone do this to anything?
Seriously, why would anyone do this to anything?

This is Molly!

So Phil and I went ahead and bought a beat up but super amazing vintage travel trailer, a 1961 Fireball Meteor to be exact.  Together we have exactly zero experience in restoring anything even remotely like this.  We do like to drink though and I feel like we get A LOT of really good ideas that way.  just kidding. mostly. I thought “Hey wouldn’t it be fun if we documented the shenanigans so people could see how super cool and hip we are?” Heck yes it would be.  Or we will have something to laugh at while we sign the divorce papers that this little gem of a trailer could bring about.

Stupid excited, can you tell?
Stupid excited, can you tell?
It's like the jeep was MEANT to pull her.
It’s like the jeep was MEANT to pull her.
!4' of fury!
14′ of fury!