Tearing It Up

I decided to just get as much shit, I mean pieces of beautiful history, out of the trailer as I could.  I wanted to see exactly what we were dealing with and prioritize projects.  I pulled up the carpet, took down all the blinds, the mural wall paper (look at that!  I did manage to let you go) the backsplash (installed just well enough to be a pain in the ass to remove but not well enough to look good), all the terrible stickers and the bathroom floor.  This is where it gets fun. So the downside is there is still a leak, but the awesome part is this means we have to make the exterior a priority and THAT means PAINTING! I’m  not actually remotely close to painting but I’m a year closer than I thought I would be so hells yes to water damage!

20150516_155512 20150516_155515 20150516_155520 20150516_155522

I guess this is progress? All I know is I look sexy as hell.

Glamour Shot
Glamour shot. You’re welcome.

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