Full Disclosure

There are things you should know about me.  My normal approach to a new project is “Awesome, I’ve got this totally great idea that has no thought or research to back it but I swear it will be totally bitchin when it’s done, so let me just try it right now. Seriously. Right. Now.” So as you can imagine my success rate is not always something to brag about.  Moxie, though, I’ve got plenty of moxie.  (Holy shit, is it too late to change her name to Moxie?!?) Anyway, this can not be my approach to this trailer, this will take research and planning and very detail oriented focus. First world problem I know but let’s just appreciate for a second that it has just dawned on me that not only do I have to learn a new skill every time I want to work on the trailer but I also have to learn how to be thoughtful. I’m not alone in this though . . . I’ve got a solid team of brilliant and kind and oh so very generous of their time friends and family ready to help (you know who you are) .  I hope, otherwise I am so effed.


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