So there’s this thing too . . .

I’m not generally a glass half full kind of a gal.  I’m a straight shooter, if it’s shit I’ll call it shit. That’s just my cross to bear, along with my ridiculous good looks of course.  (insert winky face here) So it’s weird that I keep seeing this old girl in such a positive light.  Of course this could be due to her status as a time bomb.  Phil purchased Molly for me conditionally,  our little lady had to be at Weekend Warrior status by the end of summer or I had to sell her.  Well shoot.  I will say that I find “functional” to be a very ambiguous term. I find her plenty functional right now, just don’t open the closet and you’ll be fine.

See! It's like nothing anyway.
See! It’s like nothing anyway.
I got this!
I got this!

This is where my new found positivity comes in to play. “Look honey it’s that glorious water damage that I said we should really be grateful for!” I ripped up the floor of the “honey bucket” room that we will all call from this moment forward the “CLOSET.” Truthfully not that bad of a demo.  I got to feel like a bad ass carrying two super big kind of rusty old crowbars and then I ripped shit up and all told not that much actual rot.  I pulled out one non-supportive piece of wood and sort of exposed the outdoors in one teeny tiny place but I feel like I can totally fix that, no problem. So bring it on Molly, I’m not scared.


3 thoughts on “So there’s this thing too . . .

  1. Functional can be sooo subjective & you’ll no doubt be having sleepouts in the driveway with the boys super soon! That sounded a wee bit weird but you get what I mean


  2. Was chatting with Shelby at Burger master about my 68 Shasta Starflyte “STAR” and she told me about Molly. Love reading about your adventures, mine are just beginning.


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