Captain Fix It All

I took a break from my ceaseless stripping (you’re welcome everyone) to spend a little time with my big bro, the Duke of DIY, the King of Project Creep (just ask how a bathroom remodel took his whole house down to the studs), Captain Fix It All, my brother Andy, he came to help me lay out a plan for all Molly’s electrical needs.  I’m replacing everything because what’s currently there is crap and will likely kill us all.  So my original plan was to spend twenty bucks on a five pack of those click on click off sticky lights (the ones from the old infomercials) and just paste those everywhere, I’ve been told by pretty much everyone I know that this plan is the dumbest ever.  Whatever.  My brother’s plan is slightly more involved, more invasive and will be fucking amazing when completed.  We spent three hours going over details and the West Marine catologue (boats and trailers have very similar needs) and I’m still googling what Andy was talking about because I understand like 3% of what he said.  New skill in the works for me here.  It’s a solid plan and now I have a budget so I can make it happen, once the exterior is completed-ish of course.

And then Andy got more Andy, so we also planned out a new propane system, and a new water system and even costed out putting a bathroom back in (no promises on a toilet Phil).  Holy guacamole dude.  This trailer might have a shit roof for another year but with my bro’s help (yes it’s only help, he’s not doing it himself) it is going to be SICK, and also very safe.

Look at this!
Look at this!
Helping a sister out
Helping a sister out

Andy also showed me the two most life changing things ever.  He is kind enough to let me keep Molly on his property so I can use his shop to get her going. On this day he gave me a tour of some of the newest features of the shop, I now know where the music is and where the beer is.  Best bro in the world. For really reals, thank you Andy.


Praise Science, I have a plan!

I’m back from vacation and ready to do some damage.  I’ve sat with this roof issue for the last couple weeks, found the company to purchase the aluminium from and then decided I’m going to wait.  I should do the roof, I know that but . . . well I think I’m just going to slather more goo on it and do a half-assed paint job on the whole thing and call it good for this year. This will save me more than a couple hundred bucks and give me a chance to build a bit of confidence doing all the other shit. Plus I can be road ready fast (as long as my beastly, I mean adorable, children cooperate).

So I’ve got a plan and it’s hella solid and check me out I already started step one. That’s right, suck it TO DO list! I’m coming for you! I started on the windows, I’ve got to strip them buff them and then take em out.  I started stripping the windows today and it is so satisfying I want to pour Jasco all over everything.  It’s tedious and slow but so so good.  (Feel free to insert your own stripping joke here. I had like six but Phil would prob censor them.)

This is what all  of the aluminium looks like.
This is what all of the aluminium looks like.
Working that shit off, it's going to sparkle when I'm done.
Working that shit off, it’s going to sparkle when I’m done. 

Windows done the end of next week, a plan for the electrical will be done by Thursday and the To Do list is my bitch.