There were tears…

My previous titles for this entry “How F*cking Stupid” and “Come On Now, Get the F*ck Out of Here” were both vetoed by Phil, perhaps because originally they didn’t have any *’s  in the them and he was worried I could possibly offend everyone everywhere. Phil is also forcing me to put in a warning here that there is a major Sons of Anarchy spoiler ahead so stop reading now if that’s a deal breaker.  Anyway, let’s get to the tears. I’ve been pretty diligently working on Molly a few days a week for three or four hours a stretch each time, I kind of just want to call her FuckFace right now.  However, every night instead of writing about old FF I’ve been binge watching Sons of Anarchy instead. **Spoiler: Everybody dies. EVERYBODY.**

So here is where I stand with FF I’ve got all of the windows stripped, half of her sanded (some mothereffing idiot painted one or maybe all five layers with a brush so there are drips everywhere). I took off a big side patch that was moronically tacked on over existing sliced up aluminum and growing moss in the seams (oh thanks for the water damage in the bathroom A-hole). I removed another mystery patch on the front to discover it was covering some weird ass hole in the aluminum there.  Basically every place there has been a chance of this project getting ahead I get slapped in the face like some rookie bitch with another five more projects that I need to do first.


Helpful little bugger.
Helpful little bugger.
This is the stupid side patch I took off
This is the stupid side patch I took off
After I cut off the stupid aluminium piece that was shredded underneath the patch.
After I cut off the stupid aluminium piece that was shredded underneath the patch.

Inside I’ve removed one cabinet (thanks bro) where I need to replace the ceiling veneer and taken off all the lighting fixtures.  I’m trying really hard not to get distracted with too much inside.  I really need to get the exterior “done” before the weather changes.

There it is.
There it is.
There it isn't.
There it isn’t.

After each of these projects piled on top of each other I did a slow sad walk around the trailer kicking rocks and feeling pretty shitty about my progress.  Nope that’s it, no happy ending today.  Everybody dies here too (metaphorically of course).


One thought on “There were tears…

  1. Sounds like Molly has been a bottomless boat project which can only mean one thing…it’ll look killer when you’ve totally rehabbed it – like waaaay better than when you started. p.s. not fair you look fresh as a daisy when you’re working


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