It’s Not All Crushed Dreams and Broken Promises

I spend a lot of time bitching about Molly, A LOT of time.  I’d like to just take a minute to remind myself about some of the awesome things about her.  I truly love working on her, seriously I love it.  I’ve never taken on such a big and completely foreign to me project and I love it. I love that it is such a piece of shit and that I continue to make it better.  I love that I have to think of things and research and then research some more.  I have to make decisions with confidence and authority and with enough knowledge to back them up that I can argue with my brother about it.  That is no small feat.  He is really tough, really smart and has soooooo much more experience than me.

And that brings me to some other things about working on the trailer that are super awesome.  My brother Andy.  He lets me keep Molly at his property, use his shop and tools and is always helpful with advice or know how.  It’s been really cool having his help on this ridiculously big project.

And there is no way that I would even get a single thing done on the trailer if it weren’t for my mom, Ruth.  She’s watched the kids for me on short (and sometimes zero) notice without complaint.  The boys have adored all the extra Grandma time too so I know they would say thank you as well.

And of course Phil, for never telling me no, even when he probably should have. For being the best editor and not letting me alienate every person we know with all the F bombs and super inappropriate jokes I want to make(yes this is toned down). And for reminding me that I can do this.  I promise I’ll totally have her ready for next summer.  Swear. I think. Well mostly sort of readyish.

Sorry if this reads like a terrible Oscar speech I promise I will go back to my ranting, angry, swear-filled trailer posts next time. Fuckity bye.

Best Bro Ever
Mom helps at Molly too
Mom helps at Molly too
No lie!

This Is Progress?

The good news is that the silly deadline I had set for Molly has long since past and I still get to keep her, the bad news is that I keep making more work and can’t even imagine the day we can take her out on the road. So I mean that’s pretty rad right?

I feel like I keep making things worse, so much worse.  That silly side patch that I took off? Well I also took out the whole floor in the closet and under the cabinet and also part of the main cabin.  Why not, she’s not going anywhere anyway and who doesn’t love having your feet planted firmly on the ground when you’re standing inside a trailer?


Thank Science for my bro, Captain Fix Everything, he swears he has a plan and although he has explained this plan to me I still don’t get it.  That might be the most frustrating part of working on the trailer.  I just can’t understand the “how” of fixing something.  I look at that picture and I see a big effing hole on top of a big effing hole with a side of big effing hole and I can’t wrap my brain around what the first step to putting it back together.  Like I said my brother is the best.

I made a little more tangible progress on the roof. I ripped out the current vent and have used probably a gallon of bondo filling screw holes. All of that means that I’m about ready to seal the shitty roof that I don’t want to keep but have to make last at least one more season.

20150914_101550 20150914_120127 20150924_133400 20150924_133426

Progress, right?

If I could just stop making holes in the stupid trailer I think I would feel a little bit better.  At least the weather is holding now and I’ve got two tablets filled with cartoons and games that say my kids love working on Molly.