The Amazing Fuck-Ups of a Restoration Amateur

I dont know about you but I’ve really enoyed watching this blog turn from “Molly McFixit to Molly McFuckit.” To honor this new phase of vintage trailer ownership I thought it would be fun to share some of the more idiotic things I’ve done while working on Molly.  I do a lot of really stupid shit on any given day but here are some of the extra special gems. You’re welcome.

We bought the trailer on May 11th.  I bought the adorable black and white check flooring in the evening, of May 11th. Seriously. The same day.  Guess when I’ll get to put it in? What you don’t know? Oh probably not,  since I DON’T KNOW! Genius.  At least I bought enough right? Nope. I thought to myself “The trailer is super small, one box is probably enough. I don’t need to measure. Measuring is stupid.” Yeah, I had to order two more boxes.

I used this ladder one time to get on the roof because I was too lazy to move the big ladder (I mean it is REALLY heavy). It is some kind of miracle I didn’t fall to my death on that thing.  The only reason it’s there is that it helps hold down the tarp on top of the Dream Machine. That’s right, every single rung has been cut so that you can’t actually use it for a ladder. Unless you have a death wish. Awesome.


My most favorite though is when I went out and looked at fabric for the cushions. HAHAHAHA. Because that’s totally happening this year. “Oooh I don’t know babe what do you think? Kitch or modern, turquoise or orange?” FUUUUCCCKKKK. I am surprised no one tried to strangle me with my stupid fabric swatches.

Which one?
Which one?

Or when I thought,  oh you know what would be fun, ripping out veneer without trying to save the pieces for a pattern.  Or that time I inhaled asbestos just so I could rip up some stupid tiles or when I sanded the exterior without a mask (those tissues were so GROSS). You can pretty much (100%)  count on this being a recurring post.  I could fill a post of stupid shit I do at the trailer daily.  Again, you’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “The Amazing Fuck-Ups of a Restoration Amateur

  1. I am really enjoying your posts! We haven’t started restoration on our 16′ Meteor “Peggy Sue”, so this is inspiring me to get started. Maybe. I vote for the geometric print fabric. Am not a fan of cutsie pink flamingoes and I think you can do a lot with all the colors in the other. Love the honey bucket, lol. Ours doesn’t have a bathroom and we are trying to figure out a way to add that little necessity. Good luck.


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