Lemon Squeezy

I meant to work on the floor today, I REALLY want a floor.  This is a project that requires my FAVORITE brother’s supervision, and he was laying concrete.  Lest I be recruited to do that (it was raining and looked like torture) I thought I should find another project I could handle on my own.  I decided I had stared at that gigantic useless water tank long enough.


It was time to go.  Beat it asshole, you’re out of there.  Like a boss I pulled out the bench supports, twisted off the outside spout and then called my Mom because god damn it I could not for the life of me undo the thingy (that’s actually the technical term, look it up) underneath the trailer.  My Mom is a rock star and twisted it off like it was nothing.  I started to try to yank the stupid thing out of there but no dice.  What in the heckfest? Ahhhhh that’s right, there’s that underneath thingy!!!! So I sawzalled that B off, and the tank popped right out.  One more project crossed off.  Of course if you’re keeping score I did add an additional two holes to the trailer taking out the tank. I guess it’s still a win, right?  I actually don’t know.



Sides are for Suckers

I had this nasty patch on the side of Molly that I couldn’t stand to look at, last summer I took it off.  This year I thought it might be nice to have a plan to replace it so, you know I could have a side to my trailer.  Crazy, right? I YouTubed how to take off the skin and I thought “why the hell not, couldn’t get worse than a huge gaping whole.”  Miracle of miracles, the divine light of Science shown down upon me and I didn’t damage anything else!!  Of course that’s the good news, there’s always more though isn’t there?

***Side Note***You know what’s funny/sad looking at the second photo of the patch I hated so much? It doesn’t look that bad. Of course it was rotting out the bathroom/closet and would have destroyed a whole lot more if I didn’t address it but I can see now why I ignored it when I bought it. Okay less funny, more sad.***

First thing was to find a metal fabricator that could make me a new piece.  At a little over thirteen feet this is no small task, especially when I want the same break pattern in the aluminum.  I took my disgusting 55 year old piece of aluminum into Seattle to see what could be done.  Let me tell you what makes you really feel your suburbaness: pulling up to a cool ass metal shop in your SUV that is only barely not a minivan and hauling out your piece of vintage trailer to fix. The shop was super kind and did a bunch of research into what it would cost, bottom line though is either i take it as two pieces or no break pattern.  I passed. I can do better.  I’ve found a shop outside of Portland (of course) that has like 12 different patterns, so it may not be the same but I can get close.  They specialize in trailers so they can also give me the length I want.  Just waiting to hear back to see if I can afford it!

Next item this project put on the agenda: replace all the rotten wood pieces in the frame that I had just exposed.  This wouldn’t be hard, except I really want to do the two on the outer most sides.  What does this mean? It means I am taking off the rest of that side.  Cross your fingers for me. This piece of aluminum is perfectly fine and if I screw this one up it is totally a big deal.

So there we are.  Major project started, no I still don’t have a floor, or a solid roof but at least I’ve got coffee and in coffee all things are possible.

Time to Rally

Winter hiatus is over. Super over. The dark and depressing malaise of the last few months has finally lifted and out of the gloom I’ve rediscovered my grit. I needed to start out with a win and I needed a for sure win. I was not interested in my normal “win” that turns into a fucking avalanche of disaster but a real tangible win. So obviously I shopped out a little work.  I sent my hideous (although functional) stove top and oven door to the Powder Coat guy and although I have not seen them yet, they could hardly get any worse.  “Deuce Brown” has it’s place and I’m sure, at one point, it was a lovely color choice but instead I opted for teal with a fresh coat of “whatever the eff powder coat is” on the hardware and vent.  It takes every bit of my grown-up reserves to not call every day to see if it’s done yet just so I can have something done and accomplished. To be fair to my awesome Powder Coat guy I did tell him my time line which may or may not have included a finish date of 2025. So he can pretty much take his time.  I just really need to have this one pretty thing.

THE BEFORE (also just pretend none of the red exists, just like, none of it),


Something I’ve learned over the winter, my Fireball is actually 16′ long, not 14′, I should probably know stuff like that.  The Fireball FB group, who are such an amazing resource, had some cool original Fireball Catalogues, it was looking at those that I discovered my new piece of comical idiocy. Comical idiocy is probably the best way to describe the way I feel and operate while muddling through Molly, everyday.  Anyway,  I’m also not changing the name on the blog, what would I even call it?  “16′ of sass?” dumb, or maybe “16′ of sexy” ewww or how about “16′ of sparkles”? Actually I like that. So maybe that or I’ll keep it  14′ of Fury, who can know these things? I may just go back to calling her Ass Face and call it a day.