Sides are for Suckers

I had this nasty patch on the side of Molly that I couldn’t stand to look at, last summer I took it off.  This year I thought it might be nice to have a plan to replace it so, you know I could have a side to my trailer.  Crazy, right? I YouTubed how to take off the skin and I thought “why the hell not, couldn’t get worse than a huge gaping whole.”  Miracle of miracles, the divine light of Science shown down upon me and I didn’t damage anything else!!  Of course that’s the good news, there’s always more though isn’t there?

***Side Note***You know what’s funny/sad looking at the second photo of the patch I hated so much? It doesn’t look that bad. Of course it was rotting out the bathroom/closet and would have destroyed a whole lot more if I didn’t address it but I can see now why I ignored it when I bought it. Okay less funny, more sad.***

First thing was to find a metal fabricator that could make me a new piece.  At a little over thirteen feet this is no small task, especially when I want the same break pattern in the aluminum.  I took my disgusting 55 year old piece of aluminum into Seattle to see what could be done.  Let me tell you what makes you really feel your suburbaness: pulling up to a cool ass metal shop in your SUV that is only barely not a minivan and hauling out your piece of vintage trailer to fix. The shop was super kind and did a bunch of research into what it would cost, bottom line though is either i take it as two pieces or no break pattern.  I passed. I can do better.  I’ve found a shop outside of Portland (of course) that has like 12 different patterns, so it may not be the same but I can get close.  They specialize in trailers so they can also give me the length I want.  Just waiting to hear back to see if I can afford it!

Next item this project put on the agenda: replace all the rotten wood pieces in the frame that I had just exposed.  This wouldn’t be hard, except I really want to do the two on the outer most sides.  What does this mean? It means I am taking off the rest of that side.  Cross your fingers for me. This piece of aluminum is perfectly fine and if I screw this one up it is totally a big deal.

So there we are.  Major project started, no I still don’t have a floor, or a solid roof but at least I’ve got coffee and in coffee all things are possible.


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