Hello Old Friend

I can say old because I have had this beast, I mean delicate flower, for nearly two years. That is precisely one year and six months longer than restoration was supposed to take. The good news is that it should be done by the time my kids grow up, go to college, and buy a home so I can park it in the front, Cousin Eddie style.  I digress.  Finally made it out to work on the trailer today which is no small feat.  I haven’t been logging any work hours on her the last few months since I went back to school full time.  Psssttt, I’ll let you in on a little secret. . . taking full time college classes does not get easier with age.  Turns out I really have to study, like a lot.  So, Molly has to take a backseat.  Today though, the sun was shining, homework was done and the kids were at school! Perfect. I remembered where I was in projects, I demoed some shit (always feels good) and then I used a super grinder sander thing and made some progress on a totally not related to anything necessary right now project.  It was a win .  It felt good to be back at it. Now all I need to do is replace two corners of frame, rewire for electrical and propane and I can put the siding back on!

Glamorous LIfe of an Amateur Restorationist

Time to Rally

Winter hiatus is over. Super over. The dark and depressing malaise of the last few months has finally lifted and out of the gloom I’ve rediscovered my grit. I needed to start out with a win and I needed a for sure win. I was not interested in my normal “win” that turns into a fucking avalanche of disaster but a real tangible win. So obviously I shopped out a little work.  I sent my hideous (although functional) stove top and oven door to the Powder Coat guy and although I have not seen them yet, they could hardly get any worse.  “Deuce Brown” has it’s place and I’m sure, at one point, it was a lovely color choice but instead I opted for teal with a fresh coat of “whatever the eff powder coat is” on the hardware and vent.  It takes every bit of my grown-up reserves to not call every day to see if it’s done yet just so I can have something done and accomplished. To be fair to my awesome Powder Coat guy I did tell him my time line which may or may not have included a finish date of 2025. So he can pretty much take his time.  I just really need to have this one pretty thing.

THE BEFORE (also just pretend none of the red exists, just like, none of it),


Something I’ve learned over the winter, my Fireball is actually 16′ long, not 14′, I should probably know stuff like that.  The Fireball FB group, who are such an amazing resource, had some cool original Fireball Catalogues, it was looking at those that I discovered my new piece of comical idiocy. Comical idiocy is probably the best way to describe the way I feel and operate while muddling through Molly, everyday.  Anyway,  I’m also not changing the name on the blog, what would I even call it?  “16′ of sass?” dumb, or maybe “16′ of sexy” ewww or how about “16′ of sparkles”? Actually I like that. So maybe that or I’ll keep it  14′ of Fury, who can know these things? I may just go back to calling her Ass Face and call it a day.

It’s Not All Crushed Dreams and Broken Promises

I spend a lot of time bitching about Molly, A LOT of time.  I’d like to just take a minute to remind myself about some of the awesome things about her.  I truly love working on her, seriously I love it.  I’ve never taken on such a big and completely foreign to me project and I love it. I love that it is such a piece of shit and that I continue to make it better.  I love that I have to think of things and research and then research some more.  I have to make decisions with confidence and authority and with enough knowledge to back them up that I can argue with my brother about it.  That is no small feat.  He is really tough, really smart and has soooooo much more experience than me.

And that brings me to some other things about working on the trailer that are super awesome.  My brother Andy.  He lets me keep Molly at his property, use his shop and tools and is always helpful with advice or know how.  It’s been really cool having his help on this ridiculously big project.

And there is no way that I would even get a single thing done on the trailer if it weren’t for my mom, Ruth.  She’s watched the kids for me on short (and sometimes zero) notice without complaint.  The boys have adored all the extra Grandma time too so I know they would say thank you as well.

And of course Phil, for never telling me no, even when he probably should have. For being the best editor and not letting me alienate every person we know with all the F bombs and super inappropriate jokes I want to make(yes this is toned down). And for reminding me that I can do this.  I promise I’ll totally have her ready for next summer.  Swear. I think. Well mostly sort of readyish.

Sorry if this reads like a terrible Oscar speech I promise I will go back to my ranting, angry, swear-filled trailer posts next time. Fuckity bye.

Best Bro Ever
Mom helps at Molly too
Mom helps at Molly too
No lie!